Economy and Law

Industry Terms

GKV formulated and optimized the legal framework for its members. The general terms and conditions of the plastics processing industry are logged in as a non-binding recommendation conditions to the German Bundeskartellamt.

Raw material and energy

Raw materials and energy are next to the staff, the biggest cost factors in most plastics converting companies. The drastic price increases of raw materials during the last few years have significantly impacted the processors. GKV protects the rights of processors with respect to raw material producers.

The prices for energy have increased significantly in recent years. Industrial electricity prices in Germany are far above those of most other countries. This is due to finance the expansion of renewable energy production over the system of the Renewable Energy Act (EEG). GKV advocates at the federal level to reform the financing of the expansion of renewable energies. Furthermore, the association is committed to ensure that energy-intensive companies in the industry facing international competition can benefit from the opportunity to limit the EEG surcharge.